Private Tour Guide in Albania and Balkans

"A journey into the diversity, our beauty and our strength! Private Tour Albania and the Balkans invites you to discover the rich millennial history, the food and more of everything, the people. Together we can design and plan your trip in Albania and the Balkans."

Private Tour Albania and the Balkans. Hire an expert private driver – guide and experience in comfort Albania - Northern Macedonia - Kosovo - Montenegro

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Architecture & Wine Taste

Berat, Private Tour Albania (UNESCO)

Tour the museum town also known as “the city of a thousand windows” for the many windows on the white plastered, terracotta-roofed houses on terraces overlooking the Osum River.

Montenegro Riviera

Kotor, Private Tour Montenegro (UNESCO)

Mother Nature has without no doubt blessed Montenegro with fascinating beaches and tremendous mountains, thick forests and lush valleys dotted with olive trees.

Ohrid, the Jerusalem of the Balkans

Ohrid, Private Tour Northern Macedonia (UNESCO)

When traveling the Balkans Lake Ohrid, and the city by the same name, are an absolute must see. The lake, with its crystal clear blue water, however is not the only reason that it draws so many visitors.

Private Tour Albania

Albania for many reasons is still a black dot in the International Tourism map. We do not consider this a disadvantage but a great possibility for our guests to visit and explore something new, in Europe but out of the beaten track. Beautiful beaches, scenic landscapes, history and Mediterranean gastronomy, will reward the curious traveler with a lifetime experience.

Private Driver & Guide

Hire an expert private driver – guide to take you through Albania and neighboring Balkan countries.

Balkans Private Tour

" The Balkans, they produce more history than they can consume" [Churchill]

Bread & Wine Tours

What locals eat, when, where and how much is a window into a country’s way of life. Our culinary and tasting tours combine authentic villages, history, local culture, traditional food, wine tours and meetings with locals. Cooking classes in local rural houses for individuals and small groups. Experience on a private tour.

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Qualified Tourist Guides in Albania

City Tours, Day Trips with Qualified Tourist Guides. Hire a guide for your group or a private day trip. Tourist Guides in the main touristic destinations of Albania. We like to share our knowledge of the places and attractions.

Private Tour & Customized Tours

Private tour according to your time and needs. Hire a Private Driver / Guide and comfortable transportation. We can travel with you in AlbaniaNorthern MacedoniaKosovoMontenegro. An authentic travel experience offered by some of the best qualified driver and guides. Support local comunities for a Sustainable Tourism.

Private Transfers

Hire a Private Driver and a comfortable vehicle. Pick up & Dropp off according to your plan. Airport transfers to AlbaniaNorthern MacedoniaKosovoMontenegro. We can assist you in renting a car and enjoy also self driven tours.

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