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Experience the fresh air of North Albania as you walk through the Alps from Theth to Valbone along the boat tour to Koman Lake.

About this tour

This tour will reward you with amazing views of the Albanian Alps, steep valleys and the National Park of Bjeshket e Nemuna. Travel across high passes and through Alpine meadows. Challenge yourself to visit one of the best national parks of Albania, uncovering the alpine heart of Balkan on this incredible off-road adventure.

The tour might look like:

Day 1

Tirana International Airport (TIA) - Kruje (Visit of Kruje's Old Bazaar and Castle)

Day 2

Kruje - Shkoder (Visit of Shkodra's Old Castle, the Old Town and transfer to Theth in the evening)

Day 3

Theth (Hiking to the major natural attractions of Theth including the visit to a Tower House in the evening)

Day 4

Theth - Valbone (Hiking from Thethi to Valbone valley)

Day 5

Valbone - Shkoder - Tirane (The ferry boat from Koman to Fierze and late evening visit of Tirane, the capital)

Top sites in Northern Albania

1. Albanian Alps


2. Valbone

3. Komani Lake

4. Valbone River

5. Theth

Tour of Albania 1

6. Qafe Thore

qafe thore

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