Private Tour in Albania

Plan your very own private tour and experience the authenticity, history, the flavours and the warm hospitality of the last secret of Europe


First of all, as an Albania Private Tour Guide, invite you to throw away every prejudice that you might have for Albania and the Albanians. Moreover much of what you know about this country is false. This place is not ponly authentic but also not dangerous at all. In addition to this, it is an example of hospitality in the world. Furthermore, it has streets in a good condition following a decent transportation system. Appart from all this it is still a touristic destination for a few.


So hurry up, it promises terrific beaches and mesmerizing virgin landscapes. Albania Private Tour Guide is a professional travel service. It allows you to get a really deep insight of this wonderful country of the Balkans and organize your very own private tour.


Some more from Albania Private Tour Guide…


The Land of the Eagles closed to the foreigners for almost half century. After the WWII the country aligned itself with the “Iron Curtain” and resulting in the total closure of its borders. Only a few countries were friends to the communist Albania and all the rest were “the enemy”. During the communist period (1946 – 1991), the Albanians did not travel abroad. As a result, a very genuine curiosity for the strangers developed through the years. This curiosity added to the traditional hospitality makes this country one of the best places to visit.

On budget


In addition, it is not expensive at all to the average European traveler. Prices vary depending on places and locations.  More or less, a meal for two persons, three courses each, would cost around 15 – 20 ‎. Coffee is very good and beer as well. Recently Albania is becoming more and more competitive related to the wines.

Archeology and History…

This place has made it to Lonely Planet‘s top 10 affordable adventure destinations for 2019 as one of Europe’s final frontiers that offers hiking amid beautiful mountain scenery, superb beaches and a unique history.


Albania opens the gates in 1991. Suddenly the “Last Secret of Europe” opens the gates to the foreigners. The first curious travelers discovered a land where ancient Greek and Roman sites were in abundance. Butrinti Archeological Park is one of the four UNESCO sites of Albania. Our Albania Private Tour Guide is knowledgeable in archeology and history, thus no better way to visit and interpret the amazing sites of this country.

What else…

The country has amazing hiking routes amid beautiful mountain scenery, pristine beaches and a unique history. Albania Private Tour Guide will travel with you to the most valuable historical sites of the country. We can mention Tirana, the booming capital of Albania, Shkoder, indeed the cultural centre of the country and Berat, the city of 1001 windows, a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its particular architecture. In addition, Gjirokaster (UNESCO), Korca the beer place and many other amazing sites.

All our private trips include:

  • Modern vehicle
  • Pro Driver
  • Exclusive Guide
  • All road & taxes
  • Meals & Accomodation (Driver/Guide)
  • Meals are excluded
  • Entrances are exluded
  • Accomodation is exluded
  • Everything not mentioned

Please note that all above can be arranged upon specific requests!

Your Private Tour Albania might look like:

Day 1: Tirana International Airport (TIA) – Shkoder (Visit of Shkodra’s castle, Old Town and the shores of the Lake Shkodra, the biggest in Albania)

Day 2: Shkoder – Komani Lake Ferry Boat – Valbone Valley (Take the ferry to Valbone in one of the most scenic boat trips in the Balkans) 

Day 3: Valbone – Theth (Hiking from Valbone to Theth through amazing natural landscapes of the Albanian Alps)

Day 4: Theth – Kruje (Drive in 4×4 to the Shkoder from where we will continue to central Albania, visit of the Ottoman Bazaar and the Citadel of Kruje)

Day 5:Kruje – Berat (The City of 1001 Windows is inscribed to the UNESCO world heritage list for its incredible architecture)

Day 6: Berat – Apollonia – Llogara Pass – Himara or Saranda (Drive through the Riviera, amazing and dramatic views combined as well with ancient settlements and related history)

Day 7: Himara – Porto Palermo – Butrinti – Saranda (Pristine and very historical part of Albania, visit the Butrinti Archaeological Park, UNESCO World Heritage)

Day 8:Saranda – Blue Eye – Gjirokaster (Continue the trip to the extreme south of Albania through UNESCO site and natural wonders)


Day 9: Gjirokaster – Erseke – Korce (This is part of the tour is the longest drive but it is absolutely worth it as we explore an area of Albania which is considered “Out of the beaten track”, mesmerizing views and long history) 

Day 10: Korce – Pogradec – Elbasan – Tirane (Visit the second biggest lake of Albania, the Castle of Elbasan which was situated on the Great Roman Via Egnatia and in the evening explore the capital)

Why should i book an Albania Private Tour Guide?
  • All the tours will be private, only you and your group
  • Flexible timmings and itineraries
  • Best possible price
  • Licensed and Experienced Guides
  • Pick up and Drop Off at your location
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