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The so-called "City of 1001 Windows" is a UNESCO world Heritage Site due to its distinctive traditional architecture.

About this tour

The ancient Antipatrea switched its name to "White City" or Berat somewhere in the 9th - 10th when the city was incorporated in the First Bulgarian Empire. Since then the city has known many rulers but it was only during the later Ottoman Empire that the characteristic neighborhoods of Berat took its present shape. The river Osumi serves as a natural border between the two historical neighborhoods which are joined by the Stone Bridge of Gorica 18th century. Beautifully flanked on both sides by the mountain of Tomorri (2416 m) and Shpiragu (1119 m), the city is composed of the lower and the upper part. The upper city of Berat hosts some like 24 Byzantine Churches, thus it is easy to understand that the Byzantine Art in this part of Albania, finds its cradle.

Top sites in Berat

1. Mangalemi 1001 Windows

2. The Castle of Berat

3. Gorica Bridge

4. Onufri Museum

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