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Welcome to Kruje

The medieval town of Kruje is located just an hour of drive from the capital, Tirane. the town is located at an altitude of 600 meters and it hosts a wonderful medieval bazaar. It offers a rich array of traditional products made from local artisans.

Inside the walls of the castle, the citadel is still very well preserved. The citadel has been built along the dramatic slopes of the mountain which keeps the same name as the town. A wonderful and amazingly preserved ottoman house from the 18th century hosts the Ethnographic museum. Other interesting spots to visit inside the walls are the Bektashi Temple and the Skanderbeg Museum which is dedicated to the history of the National Hero of the Albanians, Gjergj Kastrioti. The hero from the 15th century inspired Italian composer Antoni Vivaldi in his Opera Skanderbeg in 1718.

Top sites in Kruje

1. Ottoman Bazaar

2. The Castle

3. Skanderbeg Museum

4. Ethnographic Museum

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