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Welcome to Tirana

Today the city is blooming in new high modern buildings, slowly earning the nickname of the "Small Berlin" but still, the capital has some of the best preserved buildings from the totalitarian regimes of the past. We will explore the capital of Albania, Tirana through its most significant landmarks.

About this tour

The city center is a mixture of Fascist Architecture and Communist Architecture. The Skanderbeg Square, considered to be the biggest square in Albania and the most visited touristic spot in 2018, is surrounded by the most representative buildings of the two regimes. The mosaic on the front of the National Historical Museum serves as a crown to the whole square. From here, the Martyr's Boulevard will lead the way to Mother Teresa Square. Along the boulevard the National Art Gallery, The Pyramid of Tirana, The Ex Headquarters of the People's Party of Albania are located along some quite interesting buildings as well. The tour offers a good and fast introduction to the Albanian History of the 20th century.

Top sites in Tirana

1. Skanderbeg Square

2. Totalitarian Buildings

3. The Martyr's Boulevard

4. The National Art Gallery

5. The Pyramid

6. Check Point

7. Mother Teresa Square

8. The Central Food Market

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Tirane, Albania 1001

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