Tirane and Berat

On this tour you will be able to explore the capital, Tirana, the political , cultural and economical center of Albania and the museum town of Berat that locally nicknamed  as “ the 1001 windows”



    About this activity

Duration: 8-9 hours

Activity: Drive / Moderate Walk

Best period: Spring, Summer, Autumn



• Stroll along the banks of the Osumi river focusing on the impressive  architecture

• Cross o the “Gorica” bridge, one of the most popular bridges in Albania

• Onufri  museum, named after the same painter exposing some master pieces of Byzantine Art

•  Visit an impressive citadel, whose imposing walls date back mainly to the 13th century


Includes:        → Private Guide

                            → Private Transport

                           → Sightseeing

Excludes:        → Food and Drinks

Includes:        → Entrance fees

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Top attractions

The Accursed Mountains (AL)

Komani Lake (AL)

Berat (AL)

Butrinti (AL)

Mostar’s Bridge (BIH)

Rila Monastery (BUL)

Buzludza Monument (BUL)

Dubrovnik (CRO)

Kotor (MON)

Ohrid (MAC)

House of People (ROM)

Bran’s Castle (ROM)

Bled’s Lake (SLO)

Postojna Caves (SLO)

Mokra Gora (SRB)