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Albania has been closed to outsiders for half of the 20th century, earning the title of Mediterranean last secret.

About this tour

But, with the end of the communist regime in 1991, Albania opens its gates. The first curious visitors to arrive discovered a land where ancient codes of conduct still held sway and remnants of forgotten ancient Greek and Roman sites, stunning mountain scenery, and dreamy beaches rivaling any in the Mediterranean. A country that knows how to amuse the traveler with its hospitality.

The tour might look like:

Day 1

Tirana International Airport (TIA) - Shkoder (Visit of Shkodra's castle, Old Town and the shores of the Lake Shkodra, the biggest in Albania)

Day 2

Shkoder - Komani Lake Ferry Boat - Valbone Valley (Take the ferry to Valbone in one of the most scenic boat trips in the Balkans)

Day 3

Valbone - Theth (Hiking from Valbone to Theth through amazing natural landscapes of the Albanian Alps)

Day 4

Theth - Kruje (Drive in 4x4 to the Shkoder from where we will continue to central Albania, visit of the Ottoman Bazaar and the Citadel of Kruje)

Day 5

Kruje - Berat (The City of 1001 Windows is inscribed to the UNESCO world heritage list for its incredible architecture)

Day 6

Berat - Apollonia - Llogara Pass - Himara or Saranda (Drive through the Riviera, amazing and dramatic views combined as well with ancient settlements and related history)

Day 7

Himara - Porto Palermo - Butrinti - Saranda (Pristine and very historical part of Albania, visit the Butrinti Archaeological Park, UNESCO World Heritage)

Day 8

Saranda - Blue Eye - Gjirokaster (Continue the trip to the extreme south of Albania through UNESCO site and natural wonders)

Day 9

Gjirokaster - Erseke - Korce (This is part of the tour is the longest drive but it is absolutely worth it as we explore an area of Albania which is considered "Out of the beaten track", mesmerizing views and long history)

Day 10

Korce - Pogradec - Elbasan - Tirane (Visit the second biggest lake of Albania, the Castle of Elbasan which was situated on the Great Roman Via Egnatia and in the evening explore the capital)

Top sites in Albania

1. Skanderbeg Square

Our Blog Photo Template

2. Qafe Thore View

qafe thore

3. Theth

Our Blog Photo Template (4)

4. Ottoman Bazaar in Kruje

Tours Middle Section Template (1)

5. Apollonia


2. Vlore

3. Dramatic views

4. Albanian Riviera

5. Saranda


6. Porto Palermo

7. Butrinti

8. The Blue Eye

9. Coastal Towns

Saranda (1)

10. UNESCO Sites

Gorica Bridge

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