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The South of Albania has indeed well-hidden some of the last virgin beaches of the Mediterranean coast. Albania is home to incredible beaches that suit everyone.

About this tour

Dramatic views of high mountains pouring down to the turquoise waters of the Ionian sea will accompany the traveler the whole trip almost to the border with the well-known touristic destination, Greece. during evenings it is common to see flocks of sheep escorted by the shepherd back to the barns. Crumbling castles and UNESCO towns lie in the hinterland of the southern part Albania, ready to be explored by the curious traveler.

The tour might look like:

Day 1

Tirana International Airport (TIA) - Apollonia Archaeological Site - Vlora (Visit one of the most important historic sites in Albania and late evening in Vlore)

Day 2

Vlore - Llogara Pass - Porto Palermo - Saranda (Drive down to the extreme south of Albania through the Riviera, beautiful views and historic sites)

Day 3

Saranda - Butrinti - Saranda (Visit the UNESCO site of Butrint and evening by the beaches of Ksamil before heading back to Sarande)

Day 4

Saranda - Blue Eyes Spring - Gjirokastra (Visit an amazing natural attraction on the way to Gjirokastra, the second UNESCO site on this tour)

Day 5

Gjirokaster - Berat (Today it is the time for the City of the 1001 Windows, the most famous UNESCO site in Albania)

Day 6

Berat - Tirane (Visit the capital of Albania and its Anti - Nuclear Bunker, a facility of 110 Rooms entirely built in secret and underground in just two years and has never been used)

Top sites in Northern Albania

1. Apollonia


2. Vlore

3. Dramatic views

4. Albanian Riviera

5. Saranda


6. Porto Palermo

7. Butrinti

8. The Blue Eye

9. Coastal Towns

Saranda (1)

10. UNESCO Sites

Gorica Bridge

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