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Albania for many reasons is still a black dot in the International Tourism map. We do not consider this a disadvantage but a great possibility for our guests to visit and explore something new, still Europe and out of the beaten track. Its beautiful beaches, scenic landscapes, history and Mediterranean gastronomy, will reward the curious traveler with a lifetime experience.

Good to know

- Currency is LEK ( 1 Euro = 123.5 Albanian Lek ALL)

- No Visa is needed to enter Albania for most EU countries, USA, UK

- Albania has a combination of a Mediterranean climate and a Continental climate, with four distinct seasons

- Language is Albanian, Ind-European family of languages but unlike other languages of the same family, it does not have any sister language

- Italian and English are commonly spoken by the locals

- Albania has 362 Km of coastline, 4 islands, highest peak is Mount Korabi 2764 m, largest lake is Shkodra 530 km2 and longest river is Drini 335 km

Top Day Tours

3.5 - 4 H

Moderate Walk

All Year

5 - 6 H

Driving / Moderate Walk

All Year

8 - 9 H

Driving / Moderate Walk

All Year

8 - 9 H

Driving / Moderate Walk

All Year

Top Tours in Albania

5 Nights / 6 Days

Driving / Hiking

Spring, Summer, Autumn

6 Nights / 7 Day

Moderate Walk

All Year

9 Nights / 10 Days

Driving / Walking / Hiking

All Year

24 / 24


All Year

Albania in detail

Practical information:

Getting to Albania






Top attractions:

The Accursed Mountains (AL)

Komani Lake (AL)

Berat (AL)

Butrinti (AL)

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